Droplets - Ideas, Memories, Rain

'Droplets - Ideas, Memories, Rain' hosted by Dr Smita Bahuguna Agarwal, was a warm cosy gathering of beautiful poets, writers, creative souls who shared their work and paid tribute to the memory of the iconic poet-teacher-literary-cult-figure Eunice de Souza. It was a rain drenched evening full of love and longing, and though some of us couldn't attend due to the truant weather, our good wishes were with the gathering all along...

The evening witnessed the debut poetry presentation of multi-faceted creative woman  - Nisha JamVwal; welcoming her as a new poet in our midst ! In her own words " I shall now start a new journey of learning and writing under the tutelage of Imtiaz and Smita."

The evening was enriched with thoughts on 'Leadership' by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, best-selling author of the Chanakya series, and a motivational force for us. 

'Poetry & Memories -Eunice de Souza' was presented by Menka Shivdasani, Anju Makhija, Smita Bahuguna Agarwal & others. 'Dramatic & brilliant' in the words of Nisha JamVwal

Poetry by our favourite Jasmine Khurana  was 'fun, quirky and immensely enjoyable', again in the words of Nisha JamVwal.

Debut presentation by young budding writer & essayist Prerona Sen. Hearty congratulations Prerona Sen !  Keep writing. 

This is not a comprehensive write about the evening and am sure I have missed out much, and missed out names, not being present in person. Pardon my oversights please...

Dr Agarwal's tea and cucumber sandwiches were much appreciated and deserve a special mention. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone,

Photographs received from Jasmine Khurana with thanks, and shared from Anju Makhija's photos with thanks

Droplets - created as a collaboration between Menka Shivdasani, Dr Smita Bahuguna Agarwal Anju Makhija and WE.

Smeetha Bhoumik - Curator, Editor @WE  

Prerona Sen - Budding Writer, Essayist, Corporate Hi-Flyer
"What a lovely evening ladies  it was scary to read in front of stalwarts like you...am simply overwhelmed with all the love and encouragement I received afterwards"   #motivation #inspiration

Nisha JamVwal Writes....
"I’ve always loved poetry and written it since childhood - reading some of my stray thoughts over the years -hearing #Indias best poets so beautifully sharing their poems at our poetry gathering of India’s eminent poets on a rainy evening over sumptuous high tea was spectacular.
I cherish these moments with Smita Bahuguna Jasmine Khurana Menka Shivdasani
Smeetha Bhoumik was there through as the spirit of the evening, the mind and soul behind it all and I waited for you Smeetha Bhoumik until the end to read my poems and have saved some for you alone ! Lots of love and next one at my home!
The evening started with tributes to #EuniceDeSouza poet, novelist and anthologist of 19th and 20th century Poetry- sharp witty acerbic head of the English department- of my mother Shashi Bansal’s alma mater #StXaviersCollege -we read some of her works and were transported into another era with a clear portrait of this lady with parrot dog and students - brilliantly churning short punchy but very effective poetry !"

Nisha JamVwal - Celebrity Columnist, Interior Design Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Activist, Poet

Jasmine Khuarana, The fabulous Spoken Word Artist, Writer,  Creative Soul, writes
"The year Eunice de Souza passed away, Arundhati Subramaniam in a befitting tribute to the maverick legend wrote, ‘The first time I read Fix, her first book, I felt I had touched a naked wire. ‘Best to meet in poems’ is a memorable line of De Souza verse. I have often, I admit, felt safer to meet Eunice in her poems. Naked wires are easier encountered on the page.’
I kept a cutting of that article like a treasure. Still have it.  

When someone who is a gifted poet herself opens her home and heart to remember the iconic Eunice D Souza, it has to be one of the warmest evenings.
It was as if we all were being warmed up to the intimidating Eunice by the gracious hostess and poet par excellence @SmitaAgarwal along with celebrated poets @menkashivdasani and Anju Makhija 

How beautifully we were handheld into the life of Eunice, as they shared snippets of their association with her and read out some of her work so passionately. 

What better cherry on the cake than the multi- talented @NishaJhamval sharing her beautiful poetry with the world for the very first time.

The man with a magical pen and such an inspirational speaker @rchanakyapillai talked about Chanakya and how.  🏻 

Was a pleasure meeting and hearing Rabindra Hazari, @SaminaBarodawala, @PreronaSen and Agnela.

To be reciting one of my verses in front of an audience so august was a moment I’ll treasure as much as having come back enriched in more ways than one. 

@SmeethaBhoumik- we felt your presence in the room and in the synergies that were exchanged. Cheers to more of such cozy readings by @WomenEmpoweredIndia !" 

 @ Maker towers, Cuffe parade
Jasmine Khurana   

Anju Makhija said :
"Remembering Eunice...organised by Women Empowerment (WE). Everyone shared their personal experiences.
Eunice  had touched so many lives directly  or via her writing..."   ////./

Dr. Smita Bahuguna Agarwal wrote:
"It was apocalyptic weather, appropriate to remember witchery in verse! Yes, for some, Eunice de Souza may have been an ogress. She certainly celebrated herself as a "sourpuss", but, the real black magic was in her poems: crisp, spell-like, astounding in their singularity. Some brave and committed people battled the vagaries of Mumbai weather, collected, to remember with fondess, poetry's Matron of the Western Ghats. A vignette of the occasion."