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This is an amazing, intuitive, brilliant book imbued with empathy and understanding. It holds you in its spell.

Alongside its great literary appeal, is the exquisitely balanced emotional tug-of-war and a feminine rootedness that surpasses norms and boundaries, charting new terrain . It is realms gained with immense courage and intelligence. Very precious indeed!

To my mind, this is a paradigm-shifting perspective and worthy of all the awards there are. Because the main protagonist Alina breaks the shackles of prevalent standards, to create an authentic space where feminine thought processes thrive and bloom. Alina's journey of becoming a doctor, going through disillusionment and estrangement, and finally earning her place in the sun as a researcher probing cancerous infiltration, is one of deep awareness and evolution. It is the path traced by a courageous woman, a human of compassionate nature and professional integrity.

The pages keep turning effortlessly, as the emotions seep through you.

Strongly recommended.

Smeetha Bhoumik