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Hope Street Poets at Kalaghoda Art Fest, 2017

  • Date: 14/2/2017 12:00 AM
  • Location David Sassoon Library, Kalaghoda, Mumbai (Map)


Hope Street Poets at Kalaghoda Festival 2017

Beautiful 'Hope Street Poets' reading at Kalaghoda,
Beautiful beautiful trees arching overhead...
Beautiful beautiful beautiful Sumana,
Our favourite poet, mesmerising us
With words,

Relocating them from all over
Into new meanings and symbols and signs
of rancour and resistance and protest and an effort
To restore meaning into adverbs or adverts; or lose all in
The process, deporting back into bygone lanes of history,

Their dancing motifs.

I see Mohendaro girl, bangles tight up her arms coming back
With me as I return.

Some pictures
Of a perfect poet here..
For you,

This one is only Sumana Sumana Sumana....

Because she gifts us the 'sound aesthetic',

And because she turns into a tree.....

Smeetha Bhoumik