2 min read
24 Nov

Magic of Equality & Poetry with WE

Song Sung Together 

Smeetha Bhoumik, Founder WE, Chief Editor - 'Equiverse Space - A Sound Home in Words'


There's a floating song strung like a dream just within reach,
it is a fairytale palace in the middle of an ocean or just
a pebbled sandy beach,

and you are there, I see you, your book of verse in hand,
your fragrant floral garland that even the Gods envy, for
its erudite strands,

you connect hearts & minds, cultures and people of different
kinds, you restore me to myself, if ever I’ve been left
in despair, and replenish

others too, when they find you, your words, your love, your
mercy, that embraces and upholds - a safety-weft
all around, oh you are right there

in the middle of it, spinning away silken threads of togetherness
for yourself and for others, thousands and thousands of strands
of belonging and mercy,

and beauty.

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