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16 Jun

Submit to the WE Kamala Das Poetry Award '20

Happy to announce that WE shall be accepting nominations till Wednesday Sept 23, extending the deadline by three days. WE have received some really wonderful nominations so far, and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent them with so much love . Love to all the fiery, fiesty poets who have been nominated, love to all the beautiful people who sent us nominations, love to our judges, poets, readers, friends... (Format attached below for your reference).

Format to Nominate Poets for the WE Kamala Das Award '20.
1. I am nominating poet (Name) for the Kamala Das Poetry Award '20.
2. Briefly state your reason for nominating the poet.
3. Add any supporting facts, details.
4. Add poem/poems (not more than two) by the poet, if you wish.
5. Your name.
6. Please submit the above information in the body of the email and in a word document using Times New Roman font size 12.
Thank you for your participation,
Best wishes


Call for Submissions - May 2018

May 2018
Call for Submissions

Welcome to 'Our Space', the inaugural publication of Women Empowered-India (WE).

Announcing the first Kamala Das Poetry Award 2018, from Women Empowered-India (WE) :
Awarded to poet Sujatha Mathai, for lifetime contribution to poetry. Our deepest respects to her.

The award comprises Prize Money and publication in Our Space for a poem or set of poems by a woman living and writing in India, in recognition of her contribution to poetry, peace and equal rights.

Our Space will carry Sujatha Mathai's poems in September 2018.

Invitation to submit work is open to all age-groups & countries

Submission Guidelines

We welcome unsolicited submissions of poetry, only original work for now, (in our next edition, in translation too), during our submission period, May 15 – June 15, 2018

Please submit a maximum of five poems at a time. Combine all poems into a single document and upload as one attachment. (Multiple attachments will go unread.) Accepted formats: PDF and Word—though Word is preferred.
Submit at weourspace@gmail.com (with 'Poetry/haiku' in the subject line).

Simultaneous submissions are NOT accepted for our inaugural publication.

Please submit one article/essay/interview on a theme of your choice from the ones mentioned here, in a PDF or Word attachment. Submit at weourspace@gmail.com. (with 'Essay/Review' in the subject line)

We prefer unpublished work. But if you are submitting work that has been previously published or accepted for publication in any form, including work that has appeared online, in blogs, on Facebook, etc. please mention in acknowledgements.


1. Feminism – own it, define it, illumine its scope, so more people may revel in its ‘equal’ core

2. Common goals - the unifying nature of shared goals to mitigate differences and create understanding.

3. Rings of shared knowledge – counterpoints to violence, ignorance, prejudiice

4. Spring, song & roses - all that you find beautiful, hold with love, want to cherish

5. Inspired by Shri Parthasarthy's lectures on Vedanta :
Faith and Shraddha
Faith is to believe in something before you know it. The bird that starts chirping, feeling the light, when the dawn is yet to come and it is still dark....

Shraddha is taking that faith to transform yourself with the tenets therein, with full respect in your heart.


Poetry haiku senryu haibun essay flash-fiction micro-fiction review

Our aesthetic
Give us in your offering a glimpse of your fiercely fought for territory, your landscape of desires, the ones that will change your world one step at a time.... tell us how you want to (re)belong. ..

Give us choice. Give us shape. A contour we can call our own. Give us 'brave'.

Give us the warts in the things you know and tell us how you see them.... how you'd like to see them go...

Give us innocence, and love.... and strong... maybe the colours in a song...?

Give us light, light, more light… and tell us when you’ve not been afraid to walk in the dark.

Give us insights.

Give us the sound of your footsteps,

as you’ve walked across spaces where you belong and called your own, or
the ones that are unknown….. give us freedom.

Enjoy writing. And sharing joy with your work…we look forward to reading everything.

Submission to the inaugural issue is free

For the inaugural issue there is no payment offered, however, copies of the book maybe gifted to contributors in India.

When you are ready to submit work, please read these guidelines carefully :

We prefer unpublished work. But if you are submitting work that has been previously published or accepted for publication in any form, including work that has appeared online, in blogs, on Facebook, etc. please mention in acknowledgements

* The email will not be published on the website.